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Tommy Shek- How to Get Everything You Want In Life!

What did you want when you were a kid? No, seriously. What did you want? I remember looking at the world around me and going “Someday, I am going to get me some of that.” Don’t lie. You can still remember what it was that made your eyes light up in wonder says Tommy Shek. Maybe it was dinosaurs or candy or toys or toys that turned into candy that would then turn into other awesome things like toy robots AND real robots AND robot-robots! It doesn’t matter because the point is, we all wanted something as kids…and chances are pretty good than many of us still do. The only question is: How much do you want it?

I would say there are three reliable ways to get what you want out of life. You can be born into it, go after it relentlessly, or end up in the right place at the right time. I would say that luck is a factor for some people, but not all. And if you’re reading this article chances are good that luck isn’t going to do much for you now. It’s time to go on the offensive and make some things happen!

So how do you make things happen?

Well here are three steps to help you along with your mission…

1) Want it – The first step is simple enough:

“Know what it is that makes your heart beat faster”, as they say in eat Pray Love. You have to actually want something. You have to know what it is that you want, and want it bad. At least enough to make some sacrifices for it. A lot of people talk about wanting stuff…but they never do anything about it. It’s almost like they are afraid to really want something. They don’t want to be disappointed or embarrassed if they fail at getting what they crave! So, these poor souls might say things like “I wish I was rich!” but then never take any steps towards making money beyond their crappy low-wage job. Or maybe they will say “Someday I am going to travel the world!” but not save any money so when the time comes all the tickets are sold out and there sin even a way forward because no one ever did the work to make it happen.

The point is, want something with passion and purpose or you will never get it!

2) Do it – The next step is simple too:

Get off your ass and do some damn work! This might seem obvious but I would say that 90% of people on Earth are completely inactive when it comes to getting what they want. They either wait for life to happen to them, or they spend all their time talking about wanting stuff rather than doing what needs to be done in order to get it. “Oh my God Shaun…that’s so harsh!” Yeah, shut up wise. Don’t give me any lip unless you are going to prove me wrong…and you aren’t.

What does this mean for you?

It means that if you want something, go after it! Don’t wait around hoping the world will drop it in your lap. Wanting is great…but action is what makes dreams come true explains Tommy Shek. If you need to do some research on how to get where you are going I recommend checking out The Library of Shaunness? For more ideas about kicking ass and getting results check out my book Ass-Kicking Life Hacks which you can get at Barnes & Noble or Amazon kindle store for under $5 bucks!

3) Get it – This might be the easiest step of them all:

Do whatever needs to be done to get what you want! Easier said than done? Of course it is, but so what! You want something, and you know that to get it requires action…so just do whatever needs to be done and don’t look back! If you need to take courses at a community college or learn to speak a new language or open up your own business then go for it. The only thing standing between you and what you want is the will to do what needs doing – no matter how hard or awkward or tiring that might seem.


This is your life! You only get one shot at it…and since you don’t know how long you will last on this planet there really isn’t any excuse for not going after what you want says Tommy Shek. Wanting and doing are vital steps to get to where you want to be…but the most important step of all is GETTING THERE!

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