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Grand Opening Ideas – Tommy Shek

Grand Opening Ideas - Tommy Shek

Are you looking to make a big impact on your grand opening event? There’s no better way to establish yourself as an up-and-coming business than by celebrating in style on the momentous occasion. Whether it be offering discounts, giveaways, or building a captivating atmosphere, a successful grand opening can make all the difference between having customers return time and time again. In this blog post, Tommy Shek offers several creative ideas for businesses of any size to ensure their special day is one that prospective customers won’t soon forget!

Tommy Shek Lists Ideas For A Grand Opening

1. Create a Buzz: According to Tommy Shek, the success of any grand opening depends on the amount of attention it receives from potential customers. It is important to create a buzz before the launch, utilizing social media and other promotional tools. This can be done by organizing contests and giveaways prior to the event or offering exclusive deals for early customers. Additionally, setting up street teams in popular locations around town can help spread word-of-mouth about your grand opening.

2. Invite Local Celebrities: Inviting celebrities to your grand opening can give you extra publicity and draw a larger crowd than just regular guests or customers. Find out if any local personalities are willing to come and support your business or product launch, as their presence will attract more attention.

3. Have an Entertaining Show: Putting on a show for your grand opening can be a great way to make it memorable and keep people entertained. Consider hiring entertainers such as musicians or comedians, putting together an art exhibit, or offering live demonstrations of your product or service. You could also rent out a large venue or organize outdoor activities like races, obstacle courses, and games.

4. Host Food Stations: Offer food that ties in with your theme or product launch to create an immersive experience for guests attending the event. Set up different food stations around the venue that feature snacks and drinks related to the occasion, such as mini cupcakes decorated with your logo, gourmet popcorn served in personalized bags, fresh fruit smoothies, and signature cocktails.

5. Hand Out Gift Bags: Give out gift bags to each of your attendees that include promotional items related to the event. You could also add flyers or brochures about your business, product samples, coupons for special discounts, and even small gifts like keychains or mugs with your logo on them. This way, you can ensure that guests go home with something memorable from the grand opening.

6. Document Everything: Tommy Shek recommends making sure you document everything leading up to and during the grand opening so that you can use it for future events and marketing campaigns. Take pictures of the venue setup, decorations, and all of the activities taking place throughout the day. Additionally, encourage everyone attending to post about the event on their social media using a dedicated hashtag or share pictures of themselves enjoying the festivities. This, as per Tommy Shek, will help create even more buzz and spread the word about your business.

Tommy Shek’s Concluding Thoughts

The success of any grand opening depends on how well it is planned, publicized, and executed. With proper planning and attention to detail, you can make sure that your grand opening stands out from the crowd and leaves a lasting impression on everyone who attends. Utilize these ideas to ensure that your grand opening is a hit!